A geometric composition comprised of seven circular canvases of various sizes. They seem attracted touching as if bound together to form a single 'constellation'. Within the canvases are more circles, some are large spanning multiple canvases. Bright colors bring this work to life, the color scheme can be described as energetic with primary blue and red alongside a few shades of purple. Accenting the center of the work is an orangeish yellow circle.
Many rounded square canvases of different sizes arranged to make a swooping shape defined further by a large black circle painted on the canvases which follows the arc of the canvases.  Beside the black is a fuchsia background which transitions to a brighter red at the bottom edge.  Also at the bottom edge are a purple rounded square, and a single circular 'accent' canvas, in a primary blue.
Two rounded equilateral triangles top aligned side by side with a flat edge facing upwards, below and centered, nested in between them is a rounded rectangular canvas.  The three canvases have shapes on them painted to create the illusion of another centered triangle in dark cyan and black.  The remaining outer edges of the canvases are painted with primary yellow, red, and blue
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