A geometric composition comprised of seven circular canvases of various sizes. They seem attracted touching as if bound together to form a single 'constellation'. Within the canvases are more circles, some are large spanning multiple canvases. Bright colors bring this work to life, the color scheme can be described as energetic with primary blue and red alongside a few shades of purple. Accenting the center of the work is an orangeish yellow circle.
Many rounded square canvases of different sizes arranged to make a swooping shape defined further by a large black circle painted on the canvases which follows the arc of the canvases.  Beside the black is a fuchsia background which transitions to a brighter red at the bottom edge.  Also at the bottom edge are a purple rounded square, and a single circular 'accent' canvas, in a primary blue.
Two rounded equilateral triangles top aligned side by side with a flat edge facing upwards, below and centered, nested in between them is a rounded rectangular canvas.  The three canvases have shapes on them painted to create the illusion of another centered triangle in dark cyan and black.  The remaining outer edges of the canvases are painted with primary yellow, red, and blue
25 rounded square canvases turned at a 45 degree angle arranged 5x5 to make a larger square.  The colors are bright and fully saturated colors.  Each canvas is framed on the top and bottom with blue then the center area that is left is an oval shape, these oval shapes pop out at you over the blue.  The colors of the ovals are a bright orange, yellow red, and green.
A bright orange wide, pointy oval cradled underneath by a geometric sharp cornered shape painted in a dark teal color leaning more towards blue.  The overall feeling of the two shapes together is that of the sun going down on the horizon of the ocean.
Roughly half of a bright red circle, intersected by two thick black lines, looking like an analog clock with the hands at 1:35. The rest of the circle is missing giving the feeling of negative space.
Tall rectangular canvas divided into a very detailed (seemingly random) grid of rectangular shapes.  The grid plays tricks on your eyes making you see two sets of distinctively separate sets of shapes, one set of rectangles is all grey and the other is a pattern of white black and bright colors.  The grey rectangles are taller than the the other set which are small and wider in shape.  The overall feeling (based on the title of the work) could be to see the taller rectangles as buildings and the other shapes as energy or even people flowing around the buildings.
Circular Tondo, black and white shape pattern fitting together cropped tight by the circle one of the white edges is replaced with a deep yellow which verges on orange. The work has a very thin wood frame which adds a bit of warmth to the work.
Constellation Twelve Circles
Blue Circle Accent
Constellation Y
25 modules
Sunset Caribe
Lobster Red
Black-White with Yellow
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